Steve Brickner

Steve serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for VC Financial Management. His career experience spans over two decades of owning and operating close to 40 multiple and diverse companies in a variety of markets, which include start-ups and established companies, both domestic and international.  His core focus has been in the industries of trucking, brokerage, logistics, freight forwarding and warehousing, capital investment funds, personal and commercial insurances, property management and land development, professional sports marketing and management, VoIP telephone sales and service, restaurants and cafes, exotic automobile sales, and all facets of the music industry. 

Previously, Steve served as CEO/Chairman of Valworth Enterprises where he established directional, financial and operational goals of the company and its 23 subsidiaries to produce consistent revenues, expenses, profits and maximum tax benefits.  His efforts led to combined annual revenues in excess of $750mm which positioned it for sale in 2012.  He accomplished this by investigating and analyzing merger and acquisition opportunities for the company, specializing in buyouts, franchises, agencies, start-ups, and recovering struggling or near financial bankrupt entities which needed assistance in areas identified during the analysis. He also developed conventional and non-conventional investment strategies, raised private capital, established banking relationships, loan funding and credit lines, and negotiated necessary capital purchases, lease agreements, insurances, etc. for the company.

Steve also has served as President and board member of the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and is the Founder and Past President of the 1Voice Foundation.  Both are charitable foundations focused on the development of clinical trials and potential cures for pediatric childhood cancer. After developing a strong core of board members, volunteers, and committees for seven years, Steve was able to step back from 1Voice and watch the infrastructure he built continue to sustain his vision for the organization.