A new breed in nightlife


The Zoo Nightclub is a themed nightclub experience developed to bring a new breed of nightlife never before seen in the world.

Combining a grand mixture of jungle-like decor with cirque style performances and one-of-a-kind custom characters unique to the Zoo Nightclub brand, it can be best described as The Rain Forest Cafe meets The Cirque du Soleil meets Club Space.

The first location is slated for Historic Ybor City (Tampa, FL), with plans to franchise in Miami, Las Vegas, California, and New York. Each location will feature a rotating theme to provide a fresh new experience every 4-6 months.

The Zoo Nightclub brand is slated to become a name synonymous with a unique and epic nightlife experience that reaches not only the local geographic patronage, but also tourists and travelers alike. The focal point of The Zoo Nightclub as an attraction will be the combined experiences of the environment, the theatrics, the music, and the hospitality.

Instantly, The Zoo Nightclub shines on its own as a new breed in nightlife.


Photo by sad444/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by carloscastilla/iStock / Getty Images